Revealed the ghost game bet on around the world

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revealed on match fixing tactics and ghost games around the world

The intricacies of match-fixing in soccer

In this excerpt from The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime: how fixes are arranged, how they’re signalled, and how everyone gets paid.

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the ghost game bet on around the world

Revealed on the new gambling phenomenon, ghost games and how bookmaker suffer big loss from ghost games

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'Ghost games' betting scam costs bookie thousands of pounds

A bookmaker has lost thousands of pounds in a betting scam, where bets are placed on games that never happen.

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Fifa haunted by new gambling phenomenon: 'ghost games'

Investigators are examining what could be a new front in gambling-related corruption, the phenomenon of “ghost games” in which gamblers are duped into betting on games that do not actually take place.

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How Gamblers Use 'Ghost Matches' to Make a Killing

Is there an ultimate solution? When it comes to ghost matches, it's hard to catch what doesn't exist.

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Match-fixing scandal in South Africa

Allegations have rocked the South African Football Association and the implications stretch across the world

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